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Basement Repairs-Waterproofing Foundations

Serving San Francisco & San Mateo Counties for over 32 years specializing in Basement Waterproofing, Leaking Basement Repairs and Foundation Waterproofing.


Universal Home Improvement, Inc. specializes in Waterproofing Foundations and stopping water from leaking through foundations & basement Walls. Plus all work 100% Guaranteed.

Universal Home Improvement, Inc.’s Basement Waterproofing System is designed to stop water leaking into your basement or through your foundation.

So, if you’re experiencing a Basement Leak through the concrete or concrete block walls or if water is just coming through your foundation then you might need a French Drain installed.

Waterproofing Foundations and Basement Walls can be done in one of two ways, depending on the access to the outer walls of your home.

The best waterproofing option to stop the basement leaking water is to install a French Drain around the exterior foundation or basement walls. When Universal Home Improvement, Inc., installs a French Drain; it waterproofs the foundation and exterior basement walls twice.

It first applies a thick waterproof sealer to all concrete surfaces underneath the soil line. Once that dries, a waterproof rubber membrane is applied over the sealer. By doing, we can guarantee that the foundation and basement walls will stay dry.

When the walls dry, Universal Home Improvement, Inc. installs perforated pipes and drain rock to the bottom of the foundation trench and redirects the water elsewhere.

Read below to see the step-by-step French Drain installation process.

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Universal Home Improvement Inc.’s 8-step method to install a first class quality French Drain or Yard Drainage System.

1. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. first digs a trench to the bottom of the foundation around the area where water is coming into the home.

2. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. will then roll on a 100% waterproof sealer to all exterior foundations and exterior basement walls that are under the soil line.

3. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then applies a waterproof membrane over the waterproof sealer to guarantee the foundation and exterior basement walls stay dry.

4. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then wraps the entire trench with a weed and soil prevention fabric to prevent the French Drain system from clogs.

5. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then spreads drain rock along the base of the trench, which allows the water to flow into the perforated pipes.

6. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then installs 4” Perforated (PVC) pipes along the base of the entire trench. The pipes are laid with the holes faced down which allows them to collect heavy amounts of underground water.

7. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then back fills the entire trench with drain rock and tops it off with soil or lawn.

8. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. then directs all water that comes from the French Drain or Yard Drainage system to the city streets or storm drains.

If a French Drain can’t be installed because the houses are too close together or if there is no access to the outer walls, we can apply a waterproof sealer to the interior basement walls. This process will fill the cracks as well as waterproof all concrete & concrete block walls.

Universal Home Improvement, Inc. has more than 32 years of professional experience installing French Drains, Foundation Drains & Foundation Drainage Systems including Foundation Waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing and even performing leaking basement repairs throughout San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Universal Home Improvement,, Inc. is licensed, insured and bonded.

Upon requesting a FREE ESTIMATE, our drainage expert, General Contractor and owner, Mark, will personally conduct the inspection of your home. Mark will measure and take pictures of the project so he can then personally design the perfect drainage system for your home.

You no longer need to wait weeks for your estimate. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. Prides itself on its “no wait” bid system and will provide an estimate quickly in “real time”. Universal Home Improvement, Inc. provides quality craftsmanship. Our contactors always show up to work on time and complete all services. All Work 100% Guaranteed!

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Thank you for a great job! I was impressed how your crews were on time and I especially loved how the cleaned up every day before they left. And the best news is that the water leak is gone. Thank you for helping us when we really needed it.

Beverly & Charles

Thanks again for the great job it’s been 5 years and still, no leaks!

Jill & Michael

I cant thank you enough for stopping the leak in my patio that was directly above our living room. We were so scared one night when water started pouring on us while we were watching TV. You came out on time for our free estimate and made us feel at ease right away with your knowledge. The guys came out immediately after and fixed the problem in a matter of a few days.


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