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Dear Mark,

This review is for your customers. Don’t wait until your foundation cracks to install a French Drain around your home and foundation. To repair the crack in my foundation cost us $128k a fraction of what the French Drain actually cost us. So people if you have water coming under your home or through your foundation, call Mark at Universal and have him install a French Drain.



Dear Mark,

Thanks for installing the French Drain.  I never knew a Foundation Drain was really a French Drain. I was really scared when I saw white foam growing out of my foundation in my garage. When my husband was alive he always took care of everything for me so I’m glad I met you. Tell the crew they did a great job.



Please tell the crew they did an amazing job installing the French Drain around my foundation. For the first time in years during the last rain we didn’t have water pouring in under our house.


Hey Universal,

Being that I live in San Francisco and my driveway slopes down towards my house makes me so happy you installed the Channel Drain. My garage now stays dry all winter long.

Thank you Universal

What a great idea to install the channel drain in front of my garage. For years I had to use sandbags to keep the water out of my garage but it still seeped in. I am also glad you installed that Zoeller sump pump it’s quiet and always works.


Jerry & Mike

Hi Mark,

I wanted to tell you I’m so glad you installed that Channel Drain in front of my garage. The last good rain we had there wasn’t water pouring under the garage door anymore, hallelujah!

Your Friend For Life,


Hi Mark,

Please tell your crew they did a great job. I also appreciate seeing you every day to look over the job. I’m glad you suggested the concrete block wall. It looks great now that you applied the stucco surface over it. I think the lights you installed look nice at night as well, keep up the good work!


Dear Mark,

You really built a great retaining wall for my father. I thank you for suggesting a wood retaining wall to save money it really helped. Again thank you for the great work and I’ll give your name to a friend of mine that also needs a new wall.



Dear Mark

Thank you for taking care of my mother’s retaining wall. It was difficult for me to manage the work being that I live in Chicago. But having you take care of my mother really helped me out a lot. I came home to see my mother and saw the beautiful retaining wall you built for her. It looks fantastic!



Dear Mark,

Your crew was so nice and cleaned up every day they worked. That made me smile. I can’t say enough about the work either but they stopped the leak in my garage and that makes me happy.

Thanks Again

Sandy & Frank

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for waterproofing my garage. I can’t believe how fast your crew worked and fix it for me. It’s rained at least 15 times since you’ve waterproofed my garage and still no more water.

Thanks, Universal!


I want to thank you, Mark, for waterproofing my basement. For years I had water coming into my basement and for one reason or another we couldn’t figure out how to fix it until we called your company. So I wanted to thank you and your crew for doing a great job!


My mother had a sump pump under her home and it never really worked well because it never stopped the water from getting under the house.

So I called Universal Home Improvement and the owner Mark came out to give me an estimate.

He told me the reason the sump pump wasn’t working was because we needed a French drain. He explained how installing a French drain at the bottom of the foundation it would catch the water and would redirect it somewhere else.

Mark guaranteed his work so I agreed to have him install a French drain.  The work took about ten days to complete and I’m so happy I did the work. Since I installed the French drain my mother’s crawl space and foundation have been dry.

Thanks, Universal for the great work.

Hugh & Betty

Dear Mark

My family wanted to thank you for helping them by installing the new sump pump. You installer Nick did a great job installing the new sump pump and power outlet. The new pump is very quiet too, so thank you

Sincerely Denise

I had a sump pump that stopped working during the rainstorm so I called Universal Home Improvement. Mark the owner came out the next day and gave me a great price to install a new sump pump.

Nick came out to install the sump pump two days later and it’s worked since.

Thanks Universal!


I called Universal Home Improvement one day because I was having water come into my garage when it rained. I tried to stop it with a product I bought from Home Depot but it never worked. Mark the owner came out to tell me how he could install a French Drain on just two sides of my house and how that would stop the water leak. He gave me a good price and he promised he could install the French Drain in just two weeks. So I decided to sign the bid and have him do the work. Well, he finished in two weeks. The work and new walkway look fantastic!

Keep up the great work!


Thanks, Universal Home Improvement for the great French Drain you installed! My house and foundation have been dry and for that I thank you.

Thanks Mike

I had Universal Home Improvement install a French drain last year and now my house stays dry. Thanks, Mark for your great work!

Cheers Frank

I found Universal Home Improvement one night searching through Google because I had water coming into my garage and basement when it rained. I called the company and had the owner Mark come out to give me a free estimate on a French Drain. He was very nice and told me exactly what was happening and guaranteed me he could stop it, so I hired him to install a new French Drain. The job took two weeks to complete including installing a new concrete walkway along the side of the house. Mark was great, he came out every day. The workers were so nice and cleaned up every day. They took away all the debris when they were done. It has rained since the installation. My basement and garage stay dry. I have referred Mark to a friend of mine. They’re also very happy with the French Drain he installed too. Great work.

Sincerely Diana

I got a call back the same day I left a message on the website, and a meeting the next day. All our questions–and there were lots—were answered. Even with the challenges of putting on a roof in the middle of winter, the job was quickly and beautifully done by a great crew. These guys are the best!


This letter is for Mark because we want to thank you and your company for a clean and on time project. Anytime you come to my town I want you to call me so we can eat and drink and tell stories.


My husband and I thought we would write this letter and tell you how happy we are with our new garage. The old carport was nice but we really needed walls to store some things. It was nice how your company handled all the permits that we needed and completed the work on time and we thought we would thank you for it. So thank you.

Dena & George

Hey Mark as you know I’m a house flipper and I deal with contractors all the time. But dealing with you and your crews was real easy, I told you what we needed and you did it. The job you did was so nice and under budget and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this letter.  Listen were going to do a lot of work in the future in fact I have another house I plan to purchase and will call you back to do the work.


Its not often I say I’m really happy with anything. But you guys did such a nice job on my bathroom remodel that we just have to tell you and your company were so happy with how it turned out. Keep up the good work.


We love our new bathroom, great work!


We want you to thank your crew because they did a beautiful job on remodeling my bathroom. Your choice of marble floors really turned out nice with the colors of the walls and trim your color consultant chose.  Everyone that see’s it also mentions how nice it looks so we thank you for the good work your company performed.


I want you to tell everyone that your company Universal Home Improvement installed the nicest kitchen I have ever seen. I liked how your crew showed up on time everyday and did what they were supposed too. It was a pleasure dealing with your color consultant because we really didn’t know what colors too paint the walls and ceiling so she was very helpful. I will call you guys back in the summer to install a new roof. By the way I also loved your no payment program as well.


Tell your crew they did a nice job installing our new garage. The crew handled everything from the plans to the permits and that was so nice to be able to depend on someone that did what they said they would do. I especially like the extra work you did and didn’t charge me for it.


Thank you for building such a nice staircase on the back of our home. Your crew showed up on time everyday and cleaned up all the time too. I will call your company again when I’m ready to remodel our kitchen.


What a nice job your company did on installing all the outdoor lights and completely re-doing our backyard. I can now have parties in my backyard Yahoo!


We just love our new waterfall and lighting because it makes our yard look and sound so nice and tranquil that I even take naps out there now. Great work


Thank you and your crew for doing such a great job on landscaping out front yard. I will call you back next year to do the back. I also loved the No payment program it sure helped out.


Can you please tell your crew they did such a nice job with installing our new Flagstone Driveway.  All the neighbors for the first three weeks kept stopping me and telling me how nice it looked. By the way one of them asked me for your phone number, so I gave it to him.  I will need some more cement work done to a rental house I have and I will call you guys in the summer.


Your crew was superb in installing a really nice flagstone patio and walkway along side our house. The yard looks so nice at night with the lighting you guys installed too.


Thank your crew for me please because they did exactly what you told us they would do as well as showed up on time everyday. They replaced our crackled walkway along side of our home and installed a new flagstone walkway and patio that looks fantastic.  Nice work.


Your crew was superb in installing a really nice flagstone patio and walkway along side our house. The yard looks so nice at night with the lighting you guys installed too.


Thank your crew for me please because they showed up on time everyday. They replaced our crackled walkway along side of our home and installed a new flagstone walkway and patio that looks really beautiful. Nice work.


Thanks for coming to our home and doing such a nice job installing our new driveway. I gave your number to a couple of my friends as well because they need cement walkways installed along side their homes.


Wow everyday I drive up to my home I’m just amazed how good the driveway makes everything look. Your company did very nice work and we thank you for that.


I want to thank you and your crews for installing such a stunning new paver driveway for us. I cant believe the difference it make the house look. I will call you guys back to paint the house in the summer.


Your company did such a great job on our new deck I just thought I would tell you how happy I am with it.


I love my Trex decking and we especially love that I never need to maintain it like we did our old wooden deck. I especially thought the crew was here everyday and how they cleaned up every day.


Thank you for the great job on removing our old deck and installing that beautiful Trex deck.  We can’t tell you how many of our friends and guess rave about how nice the deck looks. In fact we gave your name to a few of them as they said they would call you.  Great Job!


Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on picking out and installing vinyl siding to our home. I also loved the crew.


We wanted to take the time to tell you that I love our new vinyl siding you installed over our wood siding. We had to paint that wood siding every three years for the last twenty years we have lived here and that cost a lot of money. We thought your crew was fantastic and very clean. I will refer your company to my sister who needs work done to her home as well.


Thank you for the most perfect job. The best part of all of this is that I will never need to paint my house again, Yahoo! Oh also the crew was fantastic and they cleaned up everyday too.


Perfect job, the windows turned out great and I simply loved the crew.


I want to thank you for the great crew you had install my windows. I was so happy to meet Kevin the day of the installation because he was on time and that’s always a big thing for me. Anyways the windows are great and I’m very happy with the job you and your company did.

Jennifer & Steven

Dear Universal Home Improvement I want to thank you so much for the beautiful windows you helped us pick out and install. I can’t believe how quit they are and the energy I’m saving is unbelievable.

Beverly and Alex

Thank you so much for doing such beautiful work in painting our Victorian home. The house looks so nice and in fact at least twice a week someone walks by and complements me of how nice it actually looks. I cant thank you enough and your color consultant for helping us select the paint colors because they turn out look fantastic. I also love your 10year warranty you gave us. Great Job.


Thank you for helping my family and going above and beyond the project you originally bid on. It’s cooler and dryer.


Universal came out to apply a roof coating to my older roof that was leaking and did the job quick and cleaned up after they left.


Love the foam roof and the job your crew did so keep it up. By the way I referred a friend to call you and she was happy as well. Great Company!


Universal came to my home in the summer when it was so hot that we had to talk about the estimate outside. Well I decided to get that foam roof, it was a little more expensive then the normal Tar & Gravel but I went with it anyway. I knew in the long run I would love the insulation features, plus all I had to do is recoat it every ten years to maintain it. And if I maintain it I will never need to replace it again. So now I have had the new roof 6 years and I love it. Thanks Universal for a great job!


I called Universal because I needed a foam roof. I was tired of my house being cold in the winter and to hot in the summer. They were very neat and did a great job of applying it to my home. I now am a firm believer that a foam roof and Universal Home Improvement company are the best!

Wendy & Frank

I cant say enough good things about this company. I had them Paint the exterior of my rental home that was just beaten up buy the tenants and needed a lot of work. I was referred by a property manager friend of mine that uses them to do all of there Roofing, Painting…. I had them install new Vinyl Siding and new Vinyl Windows and paint the entire inside of that home and it turned out fantastic. Mark the owner was very professional and helped me a lot. Universal Home Improvements you’re my hero


Kathy R.

Love this company! A good friend that had them install a new roof and paint their home referred me to Universal Home Improvements since they were so happy; I decided to give them a try. I first had them install a new laminated shingle roof and it turned out great and boy am I fussy. Since they did such a good job on my roof and just had them back to paint and install new vinyl windows. The owner mark was great he helped me pick all the colors and cleaned up everyday.

Thanks Universal for a great Job!

Betty S.
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